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Welcome! My name is Adam Ni 倪凌超. I'm a China watcher with extensive experience advising governments, corporations, think tanks, and the media on China-related issues. My expertise includes China's foreign policy, political economy, and security issues. My current research focus on China's military.

I edit the China Story blog and co-write its weekly column China Neican 内参. China Story publishes analysis and commentary across the whole spectrum of China issues while China Neican is a weekly brief that brings you concise, timely, and policy-focused analysis.

I am a board director of the China Policy Centre, an independent, non-profit research organisation based in Canberra, Australia, that works to inform and promote public discussion and policy debate on China issues.

Currently, I am affiliated with both the Australian National Unversity and Macquarie University.

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Twitter: @adam_ni